The Linux Program for USB Webcam Spectrometer

LPUWS is free universal GUI application for DIY Spectrometers.

It supports Video4Linux compatible devices (/sys/class/video4linux/videoXX).

Contact: Marián Hubinský: lpuws(œ)

Binaries - download, set executable bit (chmod +x lpuws_x86_64) and run. Compiled 64 bit binary (~6 MB) or 32 bit binary (~5 MB).

All tests and development of the LPUWS was made on the Thunder Optics® SMA Mini Spectrometer.

Some screens:

LPUWS main screen

LPUWS main screen with reference spectrum

LPUWS main screen with menu

R G B curves

Camera settings

Camera live image

LPUWS is developed in Lazarus with 5dpo SdpoVideo4l2, "JBS Laz Version Info Library" and SpectraLibrary.